Ending the Cycle of Domestic Violence One Person at a Time. 
Notes of Thanks
We've received hundreds of thank you notes over the years.  Here are a few:

Dear Sheila,  I really appreciate you taking time out of your day to come to our school.  You really opened up my mind and made me realize the things I’ve done in past relationships. Your story was so inspiring and I hope the best for you and that you keep inspiring kids and continue to change kids lives.”

"Sheila, Thank you so much for enlightening our youth.  You are able to share from your “core” in such a way that it touched the group with knowledge, emotion and honesty.  It was a pleasure to meet you and share a few moments.  You are truly an empowered woman.  Sincerely, K."

"Sheila is one of the most passio
nate advocates in the field of domestic violence and I have had the pleasure of working with her for over 15 years now. Sheila uses her experience to make a difference in the lives of young people in our community. I am honored to work with her."  LBS

"Thank you for telling your story. It was very inspirational. It must be hard for you to tell this story.  I truly regret what I have done and am willing to accept my punishment for what I've done and hopefully I will stop getting into trouble and live a happy life like you. Thank you again, truly!" DR

"I highly recommend Sheila as an advocate and educator in the area of domestic violence. She is extremely credible with all age groups, whether it be at-risk youth or adults. I have seen her reach out to youth to help them recognize at-risk behavior, and to alter their lives. I have seen her speak to adults to build awareness that domestic violence crosses all socio-economic and ethnic groups. Is she credible? -- YES. Is she effective? -- YES."  CR

"Thank you, Ms. Sheila, for coming to the James Boys Ranch and sharing your life story. It's sad what you had to go through. I am glad it all worked out and you could tell us your story."  SM

"Sheila is a passionate and innovative leader in domestic violence education. I first met Sheila in 1994 and have had the opportunity to do trainings with Sheila over the years. Her professionalism coupled with her high energy teaching style make for an educational and inspiring day. Sheila is one of the rare gems - she loves what she does and it shows!"  FDF

"Wow! I will completely keep this in the back of my mind when I meet women. My grandma was abused by her husband and that is why I was really touched by your story. I hope the best for you and your family."  FP

"I've enjoyed getting to know and working with Ms. Sheila. She has a great message to tell all women and some men who have found themselves in an abusive relationship. She motivates others to protect themselves and get out of the relationship as necessary. She is graphic and descriptive of the violence that can occur and how to protect oneself. She is a great presenter. If one person can save her/himself from hearing her, it's worth it!"  KH

"I really want to thank you for coming to this program and taking the time to share your story and experiences of life. I think this will help a lot of us see the reality of life.  I thank you."  SC

"I used to think it was OK to hit a woman. Now I know it's not OK. Thank you for that." JT

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